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About Barb
... Barb Levenson Dog Training Centers pet classes have been helping Pittsburgh dog owners train their dogs for 3 decades. All classes are specifically designed to help owners develop a positive canine relationship through Positive Reinforcement Training.  No choke chains or painful techniques are ever used in any of our classes.  

Class sizes are limited.  Each class size is determined by the number of instructors thus keeping a good student to teacher ratio.   As a result owners receive a lot of personalized attention from instructors in all dog training classes.   In addition Barb takes a personal interest in every student in the school and is accessible to them by phone or email.

Obedience classes are designed to teach the owners how to train their dog.  Pet owners have the benefit of Barb’s Positive Reinforcement Training Method as they learn her kind and gentle method to teach manners to their dog.  The program constantly evolves as new research and information yields innovative training and motivational techniques for the owners.  Also Barb’s dogs are used in her classes as demonstration dogs so owners are able to see first-hand the results of her methodology.  It’s time to move to this modern training method that is only available in our 12,000 square foot dog training building conveniently located in Pittsburgh, PA. Click here for location and directions.

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Private Behavior Consultations for:
Housetraining: ... New Puppy Management: ... Aggression:
In the 1-hour session Barb will explain how to teach your puppy or new dog to eliminate on command.
The method is easy to follow and you will get Barb’s Housetraining Book and Chart as part of the consult.
Congratulations on your new puppy!!   Would you like to learn how to prevent problems before they start?  Barb’s 1-hour session will get you on the right track.  Call today. These problems do not go away.  Check out the section entitled “About Barb” for her credentials and then call today to set up an appointment.

About Barb

Barb Levenson has been competing in dog sports since 1981 and teaching obedience and agility privates and classes since 1985. She has competed with 10 dogs and has titles in Obedience (Canadian & American), Herding and Agility.

Barb is a former teacher for the Pittsburgh Public School System which enables her to develop the lesson plans used in all her classes. This knowledge translates into classes that are structured and designed for ease and optimum learning for both dog and handler.

In addition, Barb's qualifications include a B.S. in Psychology (plus Post Graduate courses) from the University of Pittsburgh as well as over 150 continuing education courses in canine behavior and training. She has had training with many of the top behaviorists in the country. And the behavioral history she developed for her own behavioral counseling was selected for use in a national training publication.

Personal behavioral counseling is available for people needing a 1-1 approach to canine behavior concerns such as aggression, separation anxiety or even housetraining issues.